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Anchor seal – AWNL series

One piece capsule and anchor polycarbonate seal with large tab. The tab is either fixed or with a detachable receipt. A standard size 13cm stainless steel 0.81mm wire is pre-assembled on anchor. Other lengths of 16, 25, 30, 39, 50, 79cm are available. The numbers, or bar code, on the seal with a fixed tab are laser printed only on the tab. On the seals with a detachable receipt the numbers, and the numbers of the bar code, are printed on both the capsule and the tab. The bar codes are laser printed on a white background. Having a choice of attached wire sizes this model is ready to use on Containers, Trolleys, Gas and Water Meters, Cash Boxes, Cargo Boxes, Vehicle Doors, TIR cables, Tanker valves, Drums, to mention just a few.



ProductTamper evident plastic security seal
ModelAnchor seal – AWNL series
Product codesAnchor seal – AWNL series – AWNL #007SLM13ST3PC
Anchor seal – AWNL series – AWNL CB #007B12813ST3PC
Anchor seal – AWNL series – AWNLR #007PSLM13ST3PC
Anchor seal – AWNL series – AWNLR CB #007PB12813ST3PC
DescriptionIntegrated anchor and capsule with large tab
Pre-assembled stainless steel wire
Laser printed numbers or bar code
Sealing threadStandard wire length of 13cm, diameter 0.81mm. Other lengths of 16, 25, 30, 39, 50, 79cm are available
CapsuleThe numbers on seals with detachable receipt are also laser printed on capsule
NumberingNumbers laser printed directly on to tab. With detachable receipt the numbers are also printed on the capsule
Bar code 128C is laser printed on white background. With detachable receipt numbers are also printed on the capsule
PersonalisationLaser printed
Special features
  • Large tab
  • Detachable receipt
  • Translucent colours
  • Variable lengths of pre-assembled wire
  • Seals with the same features as these AWNL are available with pre-assembled galvanised bands of 2.4mmx0.3mm, traction 30Kgf, instead of stainless steel wire.
  • Product codes are:
    • ARNL #007SLM13GV0PC
    • ARNL CB #007B12813GV0PC

The anchor seal series of plastic tamper evident seals are suitable for use on an unlimited range of different sealing requirements. Manufactured either with Polypropylene plastic material, which when exposed to external climatic conditions has a resistance of up to 4 years, but can be prolonged with the use of UV additives for outdoor applications, or Polycarbonate material with a durability of up to 20 years.
The Polypropylene anchor seals are available with or without a random or sequential high relief numbered tag. For identification of seals without a numbered tag the capsule can be marked with a designated marking tool. Polypropylene seals can be supplied with or without integrated plastic sealing thread or fixed wire. For seals supplied without fixed wire then any other type of thread up to 1mm per strand can be used.
Although of the same series the main differences, apart from the plastic material, between the Polypropylene and the Polycarbonate anchor seals are that the Polycarbonate seals are translucent and have a larger tab, that is either fixed or with a detachable receipt. With the Polycarbonate seal there is a choice of laser printed sequential numbers or a laser printed bar code on a white background. On the seals with a fixed tab the sequential numbering or bar code is printed only on the tab. On the seals with a detachable receipt the sequential number is also printed on the capsule. In the case of a bar coded seal with a detachable receipt only the bar code number is printed on the capsule.
Both the Polypropylene and Polycarbonate seals can be personalised with letters, numbers, name or logo.

Plastic tamper evident Anchor seals are more commonly used on the following applications but may also meet a wide range of other sealing requirements:
- Electricity, gas and water meters
- ATM currency cassettes
- Drums and hatches
- Tanker valves
- Franking machines
- Weights and measuring devices
- Quality control
- Storage boxes
- Cabinets and cassettes
- Fisheries and hunting tags
- Brand Identification
- Minibars
- Warranty control
- Pouches
- Zipper bags


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