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Newlock document seal

Holds together and seals up to approx. 12 sheets of paper. This tiny seal prevents or detects unauthorised removal and substitution of documents sealed in the batch. The orifice must be within 5mm from edge of paper or any other material to be sealed. Numbers laser printed with 7 digits.



Product Tamper evident plastic security seal
Model Newlock
Plastic Polypropylene
Product code Newlock document seal – #093SLMPP
Description Clips together and seals documents
Prevents or detects unauthorised substitution of documents in files
Laser printed numbers
Size Overall length (open)   39mm
Overall length (closed) 22.8mm
Numbering Numbered with 7 digits. Laser printed.
Personalisation Personalisation laser printed
Special requirements
  • Orifice must be within 5mm from edge of paper or any other material to be sealed
  • Clips together and seals up to an overall thickness of 1mm (approx. 12 sheets of paper)

The Newlock plastic tamper evident plastic seal was originally designed for the ELC Starlock Plus plastic security envelopes. However, it has since been found to be suitable for other applications, such as sealing and holding together a small number of documents. It prevents, or detects, unauthorised substitution of the sheets of paper held by the seal. Although the number of sheets of paper the seal can hold is limited, it still has it use as a secure document seal when the number of paper sheets are no more than about 12. The seals are laser printed, with a 7 digit sequential number and they are presented in mats of 25. The Newlock document seal is manufactured with Polypropylene plastic material.

The Newlock is more commonly used on the following application but may also meet other sealing requirements:
- Document seal
- Reusable plastic envelope Starlock Plus


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